Digitalization has become an important part of our daily lives. In reference to our sector, the digitalization of a company in the meat sector not only includes the acquisition of equipment and machinery that includes intelligent components, but also certain tools that help in the collection of information so that its analysis provides value and increases efficiency in the rest of the areas of the company.


At César Nieto Group we are aware of this new reality and started our digital transformation a couple of years ago. This transformation is not only limited to the technologies used in our industry, but represents a culture of change embedded in all our work teams.

As a result of this effort, we have managed to improve all our production processes, facilitating the work between our teams. We have also promoted the culture of innovation with the development of APPs that facilitate our processes and we are currently working to improve our customers’ experience.

In addition, if you want to know more about César Nieto ‘s commitment to sustainable development, be sure to visit the report we have prepared to learn more about the company’s Carbon Footprint and look for ways to substantially reduce it in the future.